Joint Preservation

Did you know that joint replacement is no longer the only option to treat joint cartilage damage? The physicians at Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists offer joint preservation, as well!
Utilizing cutting edge technology, Drs. Craig H. Weinstein and James R. Lindner offer restoration of the damaged cartilage that covers the bony surface of joints, thereby improving function and delaying or preventing the onset of arthritis in the joint.
This type of cartilage, called “articular cartilage,” has a smooth surface which allows the bones of the knee joint to slide over each other easily, without friction. Unfortunately, articular cartilage is easily damaged through sports injuries or even normal wear and tear. When this happens, the affected joint becomes painful, stiff, and has limited range of motion. Because articular cartilage does not tend to heal on its own, surgical repair is used to stimulate the growth of new cartilage, thereby alleviating the need for replacement.
Joint preservation is often used to treat teens and active young adults, but can also be used to treat degenerative articular cartilage lesions for patients in their 40’s and 50’s, for the appropriate candidate.
A solid plan for healing after joint preservation always includes regular physical therapy visits, to help get patients back to enjoying their normal daily activities.

Stop in to Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists today, to learn more about joint preservation, and the other ways in which our team is dedicated to restoring your winning lifestyle!

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