Knee Pain Solutions in Gilbert, AZ

Knee pain is common, especially among athletes and adults, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. If you’re experiencing pain in your knees, get it checked out by a doctor at Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists in Gilbert, AZ. We have extensive experience in knee pain treatments, so we can help you get back on your feet — without the pain.

Experienced Staff

Our physician, Dr. Weinstein, has years of experience working in sports medicine and treating injuries due to sports, so you can rest assured that he’ll get you back to where you were quickly. Plus, a large part of sports medicine includes preventive measures — we have the experience to teach you how to care for your knees so you’ll be less likely to experience even more or worse issues in the future.

Our joint preservation techniques are state-of-the-art, so if you want to ensure that your joints will work for you for a long time, you need to work with us.

Varied Treatment Options

We treat a variety of injuries, as well as orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions. Whether you’ve torn a ligament in your knee or you have a chronic elbow problem, we can diagnose the problem and get you the proper treatment.

We also have expertise in surgery, particularly in shoulder and knee replacements. Dr. Weinstein even specializes in partial knee replacements, so we can help you decide what kind of surgery you need and whether we can save part of your original joint.

Whether you’re certain you have a knee problem or you just get an occasional twinge, call us at (480) 222-5601 to learn about your options. Or use our convenient online scheduling option to set up an appointment to speak with the doctor directly. We are ready to help you find a solution for your knee pain whenever you’re ready to start, so contact us today.