New, safe and minimally invasive procedure for chronic tendonitis – Tenex Health TX

We are now offering an exciting new outpatient procedure specially designed for those who are suffering from pain associated with tendon damage.

Tendon pain takes many forms:

  • Rotator cuff tendonosis
  • Tennis / Golfer’s Elbow
  • Jumper’s / Runner’s knee
  • Achilles tendonosis
  • Plantar fasciitis

Are you a “silent sufferer”?

If you are like many individuals, you have probably tried many things to get back to feeling “good” or even “better”. Physical therapy, cortisone injections, medication, or just taking time to rest. All may provide temporary relief, but then your pain comes back. The thought of undergoing surgery is not appealing due to the fact that it can be expensive, there are potential risks and side effects, a long recovery period does not fit into your schedule. Now you now have a better option with a safe, quick and minimally invasive procedure enabled by the Tenex Health TX™ System.  Schedule a consult with Dr. Weinstein to see if the treatment option is right for you.  Learn more

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