New Patients

Your Initial Office Visit – What to Expect

At your first visit with our practice, our goal is to evaluate your health needs, and receive feedback from you, about what has brought you in. In many cases, this will include taking current X-rays, to give the providers a real-time picture of the problem area. It will be important to arrive at this visit at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time, in order to complete preliminary assessments and any remaining paperwork.

For your ease and convenience, we encourage you to complete the required intake forms online, by clicking here.

Once you are in the treatment room, our providers will examine the area in question, and discuss options for treatment with you. He or she will spend some time answering any questions you may have, and will ensure that you feel knowledgeable about the issue at hand and confident in moving forward with treatment.

The provider will walk you out to the front desk area, in order for you to schedule a follow-up visit, if necessary.