Active Adults

At Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists, our experienced physicians understand the unique needs of Active Adults over 50.  Whether a patient is active in golf or tennis, or just enjoys a good stroll in the park, we all know that mobility equals freedom.  From arthritis to tennis elbow, to full knee or hip replacement, our physicians specialize in the treatment of all bone and joint issues in active adults.

In addition, the focus of our practice is patient education.  Our physicians dedicate the time and attention you deserve, to explain all aspects of your care.  From initial X-rays to the follow-up care visits, it is our goal to ensure that you feel informed and confident in moving forward with your full recovery.

To serve you better, we offer convenient next-day appointments and Saturday office hours as well as on-site X-rays.  We participate with most insurance plans and provide on-site billing.

Patients also enjoy the fact that our physicians are seasoned Sports Medicine Specialists, accustomed to treating top athletes, when the pressure is on.  We have a proven track record of getting athletes back in the game with less invasive treatments, accelerated healing, and reduced risk of re-injury.  Our physicians offer the same level of care and expertise to our Active Adult patients, ensuring optimal healing and recovery.

When it comes to your health and mobility, choose the best!  At Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists, we are dedicated to restoring your winning lifestyle!

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“I had hurt my knee doing zumba, trying to keep up with my 27-year-old daughter! I had a great experience with Dr. Weinstein and his amazing staff. He is very down to earth, and I like his honesty. I had a knee surgery with Dr. Weinstein on my other knee 3 1/2 years ago, and I came back again for this one. My knee is healing very well, and I recommend Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists to everyone I know who could use them.”
-Sarah, Knee Surgery, July 2013

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